The missions and actions of CNC

Created in 1948, the National Leather Council is the inter-professional organisation of producers and users of leather and, by extension, all those involved in the production, use or retail of leather.

Organised as a Confederation, it brings together 20 federations and professional unions from the French leather industry.

Its Role

  • Bring together the confederations, federations and national unions from the following sectors: production, processing, manufacturing and distribution, representing them with the public authorities as well as with professional bodies.
  • Examine and defend the collective, material and moral interests of its members,
  • Examine problems relating to taxation, business, customs and technical issues that affect one or many of its members within the framework of the general inter-professional interest.
  • Put forward and agree on solutions to resolve these problems and coordinate the efforts of the various member organisations to achieve the agreed solutions..
  • Resolve professional disputes, through arbitration or discussion.
  • Represent all leather professions.
  • Promote and market the raw material and consumer goods made from leather.


Operations organised by the CONSEIL NATIONAL DU CUIR

Lobbying and representation

The Conseil National du Cuir is mandated to represent the leather sector and defend the interests of its members. To achieve this, it actively lobbies public authorities and Members of Parliament.

The CNC organises the Rencontres du Cuir en Region, regional events that showcase the businesses and the issues facing the sector.

The CNC supports and accompanies local initiatives, gathered under the hub of the Pôle Cuir, which encourages synergies between companies in the leather sector from the same region.

The CNC publishes a bi-monthly newsletter.

Communication and promotion

The CNC promotes the raw material as well as consumer goods made from leather by: taking part in the Country Focus exhibition in Hong Kong, in the Revelations trade show at the Grand Palais in Paris, producing videos about the leather sector.

It promotes the leather trades and training programmes to young people by: taking part in the Aventure des Métiers careers fair, the Portes du Cuir trade fair, broadcasting a web-series on the leather professions on its website, and publishing a guide to professions and training courses.

Download the Guide to the Leather Professions or consult the online version.

The CNC is very active on social media.

Economic Observatory

The Conseil National du Cuir manages the Economic Observatory of the leather sector. In this context, it publishes a number of reports on the economic activities of the French leather industries and on international trade. These documents are published on the CNC website.

Support for young entrepreneurs

The CNC, working with CTC and FFC, cofounded the “ADC au-dela du cuir” programme which is designed to provide impetus to the leather professions by encouraging the emergence of new entrepreneurs.