The Economic Observatory is one of the departments of the National Leather Council.

It carries out monthly surveys of the leather industry in the following sectors: Tanning, footwear and leathergoods. It also carries out monthly and annual surveys of collectors of raw hides.

In addition, the Economic Observatory processes and disseminates the external trade data provided by the French Customs authorities, the results of annual production surveys carried out by INSEE and data relating to global trade.

The publications produced by the Economic Observatory contain statistics on imports and experts, herd size, controlled slaughter, the collection of raw hides, production, deliveries, invoicing, headcount and payroll in the various sectors of the leather industry.

A number of publications also describe the global changes in the leather industry.
These documents can be consulted (by appointment) on the premises of the Conseil National du Cuir, or ordered.

The Economic Observatory does not publish documents on the prices of raw and finished leather goods, retail, consumption and trends.

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The activities of the industry 

Statistics looking at the activity of French businesses, in the sectors of raw hide collection, tannery, footwear, leathergoods and glovemaking.

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Data describing the external trade of France for the main sectors of the Leather industry.

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Global trade

Description of global trade in the leather sector, as a whole and by country.

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