Thomas Lieuvin

French footwear takes many forms: top-of-the-range craftsmanship, luxury, podo-orthotics, as well as mainstream manufacturing, for which there is also a real tradition. One only has to mention the names of Raymond Massaro, Roger Vivier, Christian Louboutin, Robert Clergerie, Paraboot or Heschung to appreciate the reputation of French shoemaking. Whatever the speciality, performance is the watchword, from the Bottier label which is attracting young people to the sector once again, to children’s shoe specialists, concentrated around the technical hub in Cholet. French footwear is renowned for its quality and for its creativity but also for its “wearability”: a “technical” art in its own right that promises comfortable shoes for every age of wearer. Not forgetting safety shoes which are regulated for heavy and light industries plus the construction, agri-food, chemistry, transport sectors and more.