"Journey through the leather world", a film of the French Leather Sector

March 22nd, 2016

Introducing French leather, an exceptional material and art, with the film “Journey through the leather world, revelation of French savoir-faire” produced by the Conseil National du Cuir.

Conseil National du Cuir

Consumers around the world appreciate the quality of leather items produced in France, but they are generally less familiar with the various stages of transformation, the savoir-faire of our companies, large and small, as well as the different professions that make up the diversity of the French leather sector.

By showcasing this little-known professional world, the Conseil National du Cuir wanted to give the widest possible national and international audience a glimpse of the leather-making process and how the finished products are made.

Powerful images illustrating the reality of the leather world

This short film, just over 5 minutes in length, uses the power of images to bring to life the reality of the leather world.

Eleven very varied companies, some large, some SMEs and some artisanal opened their doors to us. We see the raw hide, the “wet-blue”, the fleshing and splitting, the work of the wooden drums in the tannery, as well as the skilled excellence of the cutters, stitchers and assemblers in workshops producing gloves, leather goods and footwear. 

Smiles that reflect the passion and pride of these leather professionals 

French leather workers are proud to master techniques that have been passed down for generations. It takes more than four weeks to transform a raw hide into finished leather, no less than 150 operations to assemble a pair of shoes and more than 15 stages to make a bag.  

The film underlines the rigour and precision of these traditional gestures. The smiles of the leather workers are testimony of their passion for their profession.

The leather professions are shown to be an art

Soft, supple, stiff, smooth, grained, patent, protective, and natural – leather is no longer seen as an unchanging article, and now is appreciated as a sensitive and creative material adapted to fashion and design. To transform it, tanners, shoemakers, glovemakers, leather goods makers and sheathers have become artists, even masters of the arts.

Frank Boehly, President of the Conseil National du Cuir : « By making this film, we wanted to illustrate the values of the French Leather Sector and those who work in it: the traditions and modernity, high standards, passion, intelligence and adaptability of the men and women working in the leather professions. »

Technical details about the film: 

Produced by: Paul&Malo

Diffusion: www.conseilnationalducuir.org, Youtube, Viméo

Our thanks to the companies who so kindly welcomed the film crew: Agnelle – Daguet – Gainerie 91 – Laure Bassal – Longchamp – Mégisserie Lauret – Rives - Robert Clergerie – SIS – SVA – Tanneries Pechdo

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Le Conseil National du Cuir

The confederation brings together 21 federations and professional unions of the French leather industry, ranging from the farming of livestock through to the finished products.

The French leather industry

  • 12 800 businesses
  • 25 billion euro turnover, 
  • 133,000 people employed in the leather, tanning, footwear, leathergoods and glovemaking and leather goods retail industries.
  • One of the world leaders for finished calf leather and exotic leather
  • 3rd biggest exporter in the world of leathers and raw hides
  • 13th largest exporter of finished leathers
  • World No.3 for exports of leathergoods