February 12th, 2015

CONSEIL NATIONAL DU CUIR (the French Leather Council) and SIC SA* are showcasing the savoir-faire of the French leather sector at the APLF-MM&T show from 30 March to 1 April in Hong Kong. 

France is going back to Hong Kong as the guest of honour at the forthcoming APLF-MM&T show, with a 130m2 exhibition space designed by the French Leather Council (CNC) and SIC SA. It is located in the French pavilion made up of 41 exhibitor stands, all of whom are suppliers to the leading luxury houses, headed by the French Federation of Tanners (FFTM) and the French Hides Association, SGCP (Syndicat Général des Cuirs et Peaux brutes).

France is the fourth largest exporter on the international leather market, taking all sectors into account. The image of French industry professionals is one of quality and creativity. The reputation of their production affords them a leading position on this market. 

A GALERIE dedicated to French excellence 

The CNC and SIC SA have designed a circuit through a real GALERIE, inspired by the codes of the French Touch. Expertise, creation and innovation are celebrated here and are enhanced by the effects of a series of mirrors creating endless reflections, stylised shapes that have been reinterpreted and exaggerated. A convivial space can be found in the middle of the GALERIE, the ideal location for discussions between French exhibitors and visitors to the show. 

French savoir-faire on display in an artistic setting

Two luminous Eiffel Towers are situated at each entrance and invite visitors to follow the elegant circuit. Artistic installations add drama to the presentation of the leather items, the stars of the show. Six huge photographs decorate the walls (each some 2.5m high) and show the finished skins. The setting and the lighting has been designed to show off the quality of French leather to its best advantage.

Light boxes complete the exhibition, illustrating the expertise of the sector in salting, working and dyeing the leather, as well as in glove making, saddle stitching for leather goods production and Goodyear welts for footwear production. 

The very original creations of young French entrepreneurs

On two large tables, the creations of 10 artists – young entrepreneurial designers all under the wing of ADC Au-Delà du Cuir** - are presented like objets d’art, made from French leather in the colours of the French flag. Visitors can discover the bag sac de jour and its silk robe created by Valéry Damnon, Dandy shoes for men and women by Jour Ferié Paris, or a spray of flowers in origami leather by Sophie Marionnet, and more. 

Interviews with designers from the leading French labels

On a wall of 10 screens, designers who collaborate with some of the most emblematic houses tell us more about their passion for working with leather and their vision. 

A new website including an English version 

To celebrate this international event, the French Leather Council has redesigned its website and produced an English version: www. 

France has always had a close trading relationship with Asia: 

  • 20% of tannery exports go to Asia 
  • 50% of leather goods exports go to Asia 
  • 36% of exports from the leather sector as a whole go to Asia 
  • The sector exports to China, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore in particular. 

This operation received financial support from CTC – Comité de Développement Economique Cuir Chaussure Maroquinerie Ganterie  

*SIC SA is an offshoot of the French Leather Council.
Gathered under the aegis of the CNC and the SIC, the professional bodies of the French leather sector have always supported the efforts of their members on export markets and particularly in Asia, through SIC Group, partner of the APLF show alongside UBM. 
**AU-DELA DU CUIR is a cross-disciplinary programme designed to provide impetus to the leather professions by encouraging the emergence of new entrepreneurs and promoting French creativity and craftsmanship. This programme was created in January 2012 and proposes a broad range of support and consultancy services. It is currently working with 21 young entrepreneurs in the Footwear, Leathergoods and Services sectors.

Fichier PDF: 

Le Conseil National du Cuir

The confederation brings together 21 federations and professional unions of the French leather industry, ranging from the farming of livestock through to the finished products.

The French leather industry

  • 12 800 businesses
  • 25 billion euro turnover, 
  • 133,000 people employed in the leather, tanning, footwear, leathergoods and glovemaking and leather goods retail industries.
  • One of the world leaders for finished calf leather and exotic leather
  • 3rd biggest exporter in the world of leathers and raw hides
  • 13th largest exporter of finished leathers
  • World No.3 for exports of leathergoods