France is the focus country at the aplf-mm&t show

From 30 March – 1st April 2015
  • Hong Kong

The French Leather Council (CNC) is promoting the French leather sector and its savoir-faire at the APLF-MM&T show.

Guest of honour of the 2015 edition of the Asia Pacific Leather Fair - Material Manufacturing & Technology (APLF – MM&T) show, France is strengthening its international position in Asia, and is the focus of a major operation led by the CNC. The Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center will be welcoming for the first time, from 30 March to 1st April, ‘LA GALERIE  - The French Touch’, dedicated to the excellence of French leather. The exhibition is located within the French Pavilion and participants are more numerous than in 2014.

France is a major player in more ways than one. Its art of living, sense of elegance, fashion and creativity are world-famous. Its leather industry is a complete supply chain and a flagship industry, allowing the ‘Made in France’ label to flourish across the globe. Its livestock tradition and successful export sector serve a thriving universe of innovation and creativity. The fourth largest exporter in the world of leather, all sectors combined, employs some 70,000 people within 8,000 companies and represents a turnover of 15 billion euros. France is the world’s no.1 producer of calfskin and exotic leathers and the 3rd largest global exporter of leather and raw hides and leather goods.

France has enjoyed healthy trade relations with Asia for many years, as can be seen by the number of exports to China, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore: 50% of leather goods, 36% across the whole leather sector, 20% of tanned hides. The choice of France as the 2015 Focus Country reaffirms the importance of our leather industry at the biggest Asian fair, in a strategically important location.

LA GALERIE, organised by the French National Leather Council in Hong Kong, showcases the high added value of the expertise of the French leather sector. From raw hides to finished products, the entire sector is present in a single exhibition that is both educational and glamorous at the same time. Salting, dyeing and saddle-stitching are some of the specific techniques that have been photographed in a giant format and hung on the walls.  On a bank of screens, designers talk about their passion for their profession that they get to practice every day working with major French houses. In the centre, two huge tables display the products of ten promising entrepreneurial artists, like so many works of art. Awarded the ADC au-delà du cuir label, they embody the next generation of innovative designers. La GALERIE, which is delineated by two emblematic Eiffel Towers, conjugates in the past, present and the future the reinterpreted codes of the French Touch.