Eugène Riconneaus


Eugène Riconneaus

Eugène says that he is between 21 and 30 years old, depending on who is asking. An inspired skateboarder, nocturnal painter and keen artisan, he has already spent more than half of his 21 years in the workshops of the older generation of French boot makers.

It all began during his teenage years. At the age of 13, Eugene discovered a passion for skateboarding and the opposite sex, skateboarding and trainers went hand in hand, women and shoes too. The rest is perfectly logical. He then decided to take his education into his own hands, shunning school and spending his days at the same bootmakers’ workshops that would later form part of his inspiration – master artisans in Northampton or Romans; the big names in high-end shoemaking, in particular one bootmaker formerly of J.Lobb, to whom he owes a lot.

A few years later, he began studying graphic design, but dropped out for financial reasons. And a good thing too, as this is how he came to focus solely on exploring the world of women through this dark cult passion that is the shoe, though not without delighting the most dandyish of his contemporaries with his trainers or “sports shoes”.  Inspired by the women with whom he spends his days, it was the feet of these female muses, artists, editors, fleeting acquaintances that punctuate his nights and days that he drew on to produce his first collection of women’s shoes at the age of 18.

Through love of the craft but also in homage to the French bootmakers who passed it on to him, Eugène’s creations are produced entirely in France by qualified artisans. His first shoe was a Derby, whose appearance was mere suggestion, made from leather offcuts and a wooden (!) sole.  After all, we only learn through determination!